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How to edit a Mini 0805 DVR firmware and have a custom video bitrate


A Mini 0805 dash cam is based on am Ambarella A7 processor and there is  the tool to easily modify firmware an have a custom bit rate settings. So you can modify it to suite your needs.

A bitrate edit is possible withthe  bitrate edit tool called  An Ambarella cross platform firmware editor. After opening the firmware file you are presented with a bitrate  table.

2016-05-10 18_48_30-Bitrate Editor 1.0.1

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How to easy convert binary number to hexadecimal

This type of conversion from binary to hexadecimal often needed during microprocessors registers configuration. By reading microprocessors datasheet you can found what specified registers bit must be set, but how to convert it to hexadecimal number and use it in program code? Below example with Atmega8 TCCR2 register.

Lets convert 01101001 to 0x69.

  1. Split byte by half
  2. Above both parts each bite write these numbers 8 4 2 1 (2^n)
  3. In both parts separately sum up numbers if bite below is 1
  4. Remember it’s hexadecimal number system, 10 – A, 11 -B, 12 -C, 13 -D, 14 -E, 15 – F.
  5. Congratulation, you now have two hexadecimal number digits.